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One Millionth Toyota Camry Built 19 Years Ago

It was a full 19 years ago this October 12 that the one millionth Toyota Camry rolled off the line in Georgetown, Ky. Now for a good number of models one million units is a mighty fine number. However, for the humble Camry it was merely the beginning with it being the top-selling car in […]

Will Toyota Move Lexus Production to America?

Word on the street is that the Toyota Motor Corp is mulling over moving some of the production of its Lexus cars to America because of the U.S. dollar’s relative weakness against the Japanese yen. If some of the luxury brand’s production is brought to the U.S., it will not be a lonely brand. A […]

Uninsured Drivers in Kentucky Getting Schooled, Threatened

The Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicle Registration is mailing notices to uninsured car owners letting them know that if they fail to get coverage, their vehicle registration will be revoked. The Blue Grass State requires drivers to be insured in order to legally be behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many Cardinals and Wildcats choose not to […]

EPA May be Prohibited from Setting Emission Laws: U.S. House

Possibly striking a blow for freedom from us all from coast to coast, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee has said that it will not grant its lawmaking duties to the Environmental Protection Agency. If the committee’s want becomes fact, the 34.1 mpg average standard that carmakers will be forced to meet by 2016 and the […]

Kentucky Putting the Brakes on Uninsured Drivers

Putting the blue back into the Bluegrass State, Kentucky lawmakers have recently passed a law that will revoke the vehicle registrations of uninsured drivers. The new law is set to start this June. This will be the same time that the state will start sending notices to uninsured drivers that their vehicle registrations are rolling […]