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Auto Loans in Benton (KY)

We can frequently get you the Benton auto loan you’re needing, even when your credit isn’t perfect. Ideal individuals fulfill these criteria:

  • $1500 Per Month Pay
  • Reasonable Amounts Devoted to Rent/Mortgage
  • Secure Job

All the same, we encourage you to apply regardless of whether you satisfy these guidelines.

Benton KY Auto Loans

There are 18,796 residents of Benton, and as many as 5,639 of these have credit ratings that are non-ideal or worse. The Car Loans Kentucky experience is uniquely helpful for anybody in need of bad credit financing in Benton, KY. That is because you won’t be required to trek around town, applying for loans, many of which will be declined if your credit score is under 630.

Provided that you get your payments in on a regular basis, this is is one of the best ways of rebuilding your credit.

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The truth is, many car dealerships don’t want you pay too much money when getting a car or truck financed in Benton. After all, spending too much money worsens the probability of missing payments. That’s bad for consumer and lender alike. Benton consumers make somewhere around $36,008 per annum, which is $3,001 every month. You should devote roughly 10% of your monthly income for any used auto loan in Benton. That means Benton car payments should be approximately $300.

What about no money down, sign, and drive loans in Benton, KY? If you can put money down, do so. You can often find zero down auto loans in Benton, KY, but down payments prevent negative equity. If at all possible, save up 10 to 20%. For a $12,604 car, this is $1,260 to $2,521.

In House Financing Auto Loans in Benton (KY)

In House Financing Benton Kentucky
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Ever increasing numbers of consumers are looking towards in house financing auto lots in Benton, better known as buy here pay here financing. In reality, cars and trucks from these sorts of dealerships have high annual percentage rates.

Let us find you the bad credit car loans you need without going under water

Benton Auto Lenders and Dealerships

  • Country Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC, 104 West 5th Street 42025
  • Riley Leon Ford Lincoln Mercury Inc, 99 Main Street 42025
  • Select Auto Sales, 104 Beachwood Lane 42025
  • Southern Auto Sales, 191 US Highway 68 East 42025