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Sure, your credit is not the greatest, but that does not necessarily mean an auto loan is over the budget. When you submit your application, we locate a car loan that suits your budget.

Auto Loans For Bad Credit in Columbia, KY

Favorable credit is fantastic, but not many of us really enjoy a good credit rating.

Fortunately, our lenders and dealerships put much more focus on your current ability to pay than your credit. Have a stable job? Then we’ll typically manage to find you a bad credit car loan in Columbia, KY, despite your credit score. And remember, this is is one of the better strategies of restoring your credit.

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Car Loan Columbia Kentucky
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Let’s touch upon your spending budget. Auto loans make cars seem cheaper, because they break up the price into finance payments. Try not to be enticed by an extended financing term, as it can lead to exceeding your budget. Around 10% of a person’s monthly income should be committed to their auto loan. Columbia consumers have incomes of around $24,387 per annum. Here is a quick assessment of the average consumer’s Columbia car loan budget:

  • Income Every Year: $24,387
  • Earnings A Month: $2,032
  • Suggested Payment: $203
  • Car Cost: $8,534

Cars with no money down are great, but putting money down will combat negative equity. If you’re able to, save up 10 to 20%. For a $8,534 vehicle, this is $853 to $1,707.

Auto Loans Columbia KY

There’s always folks who are hoping to find auto loans with no credit check in Columbia, KY. How come? Because they assume that they need to. If you feel you have to get your car or truck from an in house financing dealership, bad credit dealership, buy here pay here dealership in Columbia, we can oftentimes get you approved for the vehicle you really want for much less. If you want to strengthen your fico scores, it’s best to arrange an auto loan with us. Cars financed with no credit check won’t raise your credit rating.

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Columbia

  • C & B Auto Sales, 306 Greensburg Street 42728
  • Columbia Chry Ply Dge Jeep, 1038 Campbellsville Road 42728
  • Don Franklin Ford-Mercury, 536 Hudson Street 42728
  • Franklin Nissan, 705 Jamestown Street 42728
  • H & H Auto Sales, 828 Campbellsville Road 42728
  • Harvey-Ellis Motors Inc, 1072 Campbellsville Road 42728
  • Shawn’s Quik Lube & Auto Sales, 115 Hudson Street 42728
  • Spoon Auto Sales, 306 Hudson Street 42728