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Do you want to get a car loan in Leitchfield, KY, without leaving your computer? When you submit your application, we locate an auto loan in Leitchfield, KY, that suits your price range.

Leitchfield KY Auto Loans

Bad credit now afflicts an estimated 4,407 of Leitchfield’s 14,691 residents. If you are one of those 4,407, fear not. Banking institutions and credit unions hardly ever supply auto loans for people with subprime credit. However, car dealers and auto lending companies are more eager about getting you behind the wheel. And don’t forget that this is is one of the most effective ways to improve your credit.

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Auto Loan Budget

In reality, most dealers and loan companies don’t want you to spend too much money when financing a car in Leitchfield, since overspending raises the chance of repossession. Too many applicants overspend when it comes to their Leitchfield KY car loans, bad credit or not. A maximum of 10% of the amount you earn on a monthly basis (gross) should be devoted to your auto loan.

Leitchfield’s inhabitants get paid approximately $13,959 each year. Here is a quick assessment of the typical Leitchfield consumer’s auto loan budget:

Earnings Annually

Earnings A Month


Auto Cost

  • $13,959

  • $1,163

  • $116

  • $4,885

Down Payment Recommendations

Are you planning on providing a down payment? You ought to, particularly if a new car loan is what you’re after. Cars and trucks, particularly brand new ones, depreciate rapidly. Having a down payment greatly reduces the amount of time that you’re in a state of negative equity. All the same, we do have lenders that provide zero down payment car loans in Leitchfield, KY. For people who do supply a payment in advance, 10 to 20% is normal. If your car costs $4,885, this is a payment in advance of $488 to $977.

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In House Financing in Leitchfield KY
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Do you need an in house financing car dealership in Leitchfield, KY? This style of auto loan has a single appreciable benefit: they work with applicants who’ve got subprime credit. However, the disadvantages are substantial. Our dealerships will find you the Kentucky car loan you need with better terms and conditions.

Dealerships and Auto Finance Companies in Leitchfield, KY

  • Circle N Auto Sales, 35 Buckhorn Lane 42754
  • T & W Auto Sales, 146 Phelps Johnson Road 42754