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Getting approved for an auto loan in Pineville, KY is often an ordeal. Not any more. We often get our users approved within minutes.

At Car Loans Kentucky, we don’t tell our applicants that their credit approval is 100% assured. However, we will inform you that we do more than anybody to get you in the driver’s seat of the vehicle you have always wanted.

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Bad Credit Auto Loans: Pineville (KY)

Car Loans Pineville KY

Looking for a low credit score auto loan in Pineville, KY? Fear not. By our reports, 3,383 of Pineville’s 11,276 residents have less-than-perfect credit.

Thankfully, our car dealerships and lenders tend to be more worried about your present income than your previous history of credit. If you can make the installments, we can ordinarily get you approved, regardless of your credit rating. You don’t have to resort to a no credit check dealer in Pineville when we can help you find significantly more favorable terms.

Car Loan Quotes in 3 Minutes!

Let’s consider your spending budget. Be sure not to overspend on your Pineville KY car loans, bad credit or not. A maximum of 10% of the amount you get paid on a monthly basis (gross) should be devoted to your auto loan. Pineville, KY car shoppers earn approximately $18,399 per annum. Here is a quick overview of a typical Pineville consumer’s auto loan budget:

Income Per Annum

Earnings Per Month

Monthly Payment

Auto Cost

  • $18,399

  • $1,533

  • $153

  • $6,439

Zero down cars are great, but putting money down will maximize the odds of getting approved. A lot of car dealers require down payments of around 10 to 20%. For a car or truck that costs $6,439, this is $644 to $1,288.

In House Financing Car Lots: Pineville (KY)

In House Financing in Pineville Kentucky
Fast Approvals!

For the most part auto dealerships do not approve auto loans themselves, but in house financing lots in Pineville are different. They approve applicants directly. This sort of car loan has one significant advantage: these dealerships accommodate people with poor credit. The drawbacks are worth noting. We will find you the bad credit car loans you need with:

  • Better Annual Percentage Rates
  • Less Money Down
  • Monthly (Instead of Weekly) Payments

Dealerships and Auto Lenders in Pineville (KY)

  • Dawkins-Poage Chevrolet Pontiac, US25 East South 40977
  • Rowland Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodg, US Highway 25 East South Middlesboro 40977

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