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Have you qualified for a car loan? We want to find you the auto loan that doesn’t put you in the poor house. It’s simple:

Bad Credit, Need Car in Woodbine (KY)

Bad Credit Car Loan in Woodbine Kentucky
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Having a good credit rating is sought after by lending companies and applicants alike, but few of us have credit scores above 770. Our car auto dealers will look at your ability to pay rather than your past history of credit. Make $18,000 a year? Then we’ll typically manage to get you financed. With regard to bad credit car loans in Woodbine, there is no better option than Car Loans Kentucky.

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Auto Loans in Woodbine Kentucky
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Next let’s talk about your price range.

Car loans make cars or trucks seem less costly, given that they break down the price into payments. This can lead to overspending. About 10% of a person’s monthly income should be going to their auto loan. Woodbine residents have incomes of approximately $25,381 each and every year. Here is a quick review of a typical Woodbine consumer’s auto financing budget:

Salary A Year

Wages A Month

Monthly Payment

Auto Price

  • $25,381

  • $2,115

  • $212

  • $8,883

You’re probably wondering: do these Woodbine auto lenders require cash at signing? If you can put money down, do it. You can submit an application for zero down car and truck loans in Woodbine, KY, but a down payment will overcome negative equity. If you’re able to, offer 10 to 20%. For a car or truck that costs $8,883, this is $888 to $1,777.

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The vast majority of car dealerships do not approve auto loans themselves. Not in house financing car lots. They offer car loans themselves. This style of car loan has a single major advantage: these dealers will deal with shoppers who’ve got poor credit, but the negative aspects are worth noting.

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